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Armenian registration or cars with Armenian license plates

06 April 2021 366

There are several hundred thousand cars imported from Armenia in Russia. At the same time, many citizens are unable to find money in order to clear them through customs. In this regard, several deputies of the lower house of parliament have prepared a protocol instruction to the Duma Committee on Transport on the legislative authorization of the temporary registration of such vehicles in the traffic police, writes Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

As one of the co-authors of this initiative, deputy Svetlana Bessarab, told the publication, a similar decision has already been made in Kazakhstan. There are about 22 thousand cars imported from Armenia, and in Russia - about 300 thousand. Bessarab believes that, as an exception, the state can allow motorists to legalize foreign cars, that is, to obtain a Russian vehicle passport (PTS) and state registration plates (GRZ).

“I have received a lot of complaints from car owners, whose cars have already been confiscated or are under the threat of confiscation,” the newspaper quotes the deputy.

- On the one hand, the use of foreign numbers allowed the owners to avoid paying taxes and administrative fines in case of violation of the traffic rules, which is unacceptable and requires a change.

On the other hand, many car owners bought cheap cars to the best of their financial capabilities. "

In accordance with Russian legislation, cars imported by Russian citizens from abroad for operation in the Russian Federation must be cleared by customs within ten days, for which the customs charge a security deposit in the amount of the amount of customs clearance. In addition, it is necessary to pay a utilization fee, without a mark on its repayment, the traffic police will not issue a Russian PTS. However, in fact, until 2020, the following scheme was practiced in the country:

% Russians bought cars registered in the union state and drove on the roads without going through the expensive customs clearance procedure.

For some motorists, this practice had certain illegal benefits, which was used by sellers, even in its own way, as advertising: Armenian license plates are not listed in any database of Russian law enforcement agencies that charge fines for traffic violations (including from photo and video cameras). You will not be able to collect a fine for non-payment of parking or driving on a toll road. In addition, the substantial difference in customs tariffs between Russia and Armenia made it possible to purchase a profitably expensive foreign car, which, after customs clearance in Russia, would have cost significantly more.

Buying vat documents legally

However, the situation for the owners of such cars changed dramatically last year, Kommersant reported. First of all, interest in such transport faded away due to the fact that Armenia has equalized its customs tariffs for the import of vehicles with Russia. And in the law "On road safety" amendments began to operate, which excluded for Russians the possibility of cars with foreign numbers on the road without customs clearance. This right has been retained only for foreigners who apply for a temporary import of transport.

The traffic police explained that cars without registration will be held administratively liable under Article 12.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for a fine of 500 to 800 rubles. If, within a year, a motorist gets caught in such a car again, then he will already face a fine of 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of his license for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Also applied was article 27.13 of the Administrative Code, which implies the detention of a vehicle.

According to the deputy Svetlana Bessarab, cases of evacuation by traffic police inspectors of such vehicles were recorded in the Ural Federal District, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, in Kurgan, Tyumen, Nizhnevartovsk, Chelyabinsk and in the Krasnodar Territory. Some motorists are forced to store cars with Armenian license plates in garages so that they are not confiscated by law enforcement officers, the parliamentarian said.

Moreover, on the website change.org, owners of cars with Armenian registration created a petition (signed by 9 thousand people) addressed to the Russian authorities. In it, they asked "to allow the temporary registration of cars as in Kazakhstan." The authorities of Kazakhstan really went to meet the owners of "Armenian cars". True, a limited time was allocated for temporary registration - from June 1 to September 1, 2020.

The authors of the petition ask the Russian authorities to similarly authorize the receipt of temporary numbers and Title Deeds until the vehicle can be registered in the Russian Federation without additional customs duties. They emphasize that in this case, the obligation to complete customs clearance of the car disappears.

Otherwise, there is a risk of growing protest sentiments, warned the owners of foreign cars with foreign numbers.

This situation is not entirely simple, auto lawyer Sergey Ifanov believes: if cars with Armenian license plates are registered without customs clearance, then this is unfair in relation to the owners who imported and, for example, did not clear cars from other countries. Why are there no such preferences for them?

question he. At the same time, the interlocutor notes that it is worth looking for a rational compromise in everything.

“Suppose it was possible to choose the golden mean. If a person imported an inexpensive car for himself, say, no more than 1 million rubles, and not a couple of pieces for resale, taking advantage of a hole in the legislation, then it would make sense for him to be given the opportunity to legalize his car, ”the source suggested.

At the same time, if we are talking, for example, about registering an expensive Porsche Cayenne crossover or some other premium car, or more than one car, then, according to Ifanov, car owners should no longer press on pity.

“So it was a business with quite tangible risks and there is no need to shift the problems onto the government. The state has nothing to do with it, ”summed up the auto lawyer.

source www.gazeta.ru



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