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5 ways to start making money with eka.am

22 июня 2023 77

EKA is a system in which sellers and buyers interact. Of course, every person at least once used it to sell unnecessary trash from the house. However, this is not the only way to earn money in this system. There are at least five ways to make money on EKA.

First way

The easiest way to earn money is to sell your things. Something goes out of fashion, something is already small or simply unnecessary, but there are other people who may want to buy this thing at a low cost.

Of course, things must be in good condition, otherwise even for a small amount it is impossible to sell things that have an unpleasant appearance. But there is also a minus in this way of earning money - there are hardly many things for sale at home, and it may take a long time to wait for a potential buyer.

Second way

You can act as an intermediary in a deal to sell things, for example, from people you know or from various companies. In this case, the percentage of the transaction, which must be previously discussed with the seller, will act as earnings.

Entrepreneurs can sell not things, but services of other companies. For example, if an entrepreneur brought a client to the company and the transaction took place, then he may well receive the agreed percentage for it.

Third way

There is such an option for earning as the promotion of affiliate networks. For example, a person registers in an affiliate network that sells goods or services. Next, you need to create an attractive ad for the product that was originally selected for sale. As soon as there is a response from a potential buyer, you need to send him an affiliate link to the product, describe the benefits of the purchase, etc. And if the purchase occurs, then the person will receive his percentage of the transaction. At the same time, you can place a lot of such ads - it all depends on the choice of the person and the type of popular goods on EKA.

Fourth way

You can create a so-called thrift store. In this case, the earning option is similar to the previous ones - a person also receives a percentage of sales, having previously entered into an agreement with a store or individual to sell things.

Fifth way

This method is more ambitious, as it involves wholesale work with suppliers. The essence of the method is as follows: a person finds a wholesale supplier, studies his goods and chooses the most acceptable and popular items for sale. After that, he creates ads on EKA, and the price of the goods must already contain the wholesale price, shipping, costs and trade margin. When a potential buyer purchases a product, you should make sure that he received it, otherwise an unpleasant situation may result. The difference between the wholesale price and the cost of selling will be the profit of the intermediary.

So, with the proper desire and opportunities, each person is able to earn on EKA. Of course, the amount of earnings can be different every time, because everything here depends on the buyers, but it's still better than not having any earnings at all with EKA.am!


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